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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Venice Project Center, we are initiating a number of activities that will take place in 2008 and 2009. This wiki is intended as a tool for all those involved in all the initiatives, to keep track of progress and goals. By coming back to this dashboard, one can get "the pulse" of the overall project.
Start by looking at the Big Picture diagram (click ovals for more details).
Each of the initiatives listed below will have specific people in charge of them, and each will attempt to be self-funding. There is a lot to do, but if we build a good team we can get it done!


If you need help with any of the various pages and systems, click here.

Bug Reports

Please report bugs or make suggestions on any of the items listed below by clicking here.


  • VPC Project Archive [old web, wiki, new web] - Chris Murray, Ilan Shomorony
  • Venice Data Repository [Dspace, wiki] - Andrea Novello, Ilan Shomorony (Dspace)
  • GIS 2.0 - Venice Map Server [web, wiki] - Saul Farber, Mike Burns
  • Web 2.0 Applications [web, wiki] - Gary Pollice, MQPs
  • Gadgets 2.0 [web, wiki]


  • Slow Real Time (a Biennale Installation) [web, wiki]- Steve Guerin, Nicholas DeMonchaux, Carlo Ratti, FC
  • Sonificaton Requiem [web, wiki]- Marty Quinn
  • Postmodern Postmortem [web, wiki]- Fred Bianchi, IQPs
  • Venice Mashup [web, wiki]- Kyle Miller


  • Venice 2.0 web site [web, wiki, CMS]- Chris Murray
  • Venice 1.0 Wiki Book [web, wikidot, wikimedia]- Kyle Miller
  • VPC Newsletter [web, wiki]- Hamlet Nina
  • Venice 2.0 book [web, wiki]

VPC 2.0


  • Social Networks [web, wiki]- Hamlet Nina
  • Alumni Consulting [web, wiki]- Alan "Chip" Hassett?


  • B08 MQPs [web, wiki, sourceforge]- Gary Pollice, MQPs
  • B08 IQPs [web, wiki]- Paul Davis, FC

Venice 3.0

  • PreserVenice [web]- Kyle Miller
  • uScript [web]- Stan Selkow, FC
  • LOUIS [web, wiki] - Saul Farber, Mike Burns
  • Santa Ve [web]- Steve Guerin, Owen Densmore
  • 3.0 Foundation [web, wiki]


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