Gallery installation directory: /var/www/venice2p0/gallery

To post photos on the Venice 2.0 Gallery:

1. Navigate to the Gallery at

2. On the main page, click on the thumbnail for “Album: B Term 2008”

3. On the left-hand menu, click “Add Album”. Fill out the fields as follows:

• Name: Use an appropriate directory name, e.g., / b08 / kmiller
• Title: For example, “Kyle Miller”
• Summary: Optional
• Keywords: Optional
• Description: Optional

4. Click “Create.” Don’t change the default settings that appear.

5. To add photos, click “Add Items” in the left-hand menu.

6. Use the “From Web Browser” tab to add your files. You can upload more simultaneously by clicking “More Upload Boxes…”. Add appropriate captions where applicable.

7. Leave everything else as it is and click “Add Items.” Wait while your photos are uploaded.


The file theme.tpl, located in /var/www/venice2p0/gallery/themes/classic/templates/local, has been edited to include this line just before the </head> tag:


Thus, the favicon is stored in Gallery's root installation directory, /var/www/venice2p0/gallery.

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