Creating a New site

  1. Download the latest Joomla install package (<packagefile>)
  2. On the server:
    • cd /var/www/html/joomla
    • mkdir <newsitedir>
  3. Using ftp, copy the install package (<packagefile>) from the HD to the <newsitedir>
  4. unzip <packagefile> (linux adds .zip, so do not include the .zip extension on the command line)
  5. In the installation folder,
    • touch configuration.php
    • chmod 777 configuration.php
  6. start phpmyadmin
    • Get the password from the secret admin wiki
    • click on home and under "create new database" type a new <dbname> (make it up)
  7. from a browser, go to<newsitename> - an INSTALL sequence will start automatically
    • Steps 1-3: NEXT
    • Step 4: (Database Configuration), type or select the following:
    • Step 5: NEXT
    • Step 6: type in the following:
      • Site name (can be same as <dbname> for ease of remembering), email, make up a NEW password (type twice)
      • NEXT (do not install sample data)
  8. Remove installation directory
    • rm -rf installation
  9. Run batch file joomlaScript which should be in ../joomla, by typing


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