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The wiki is installed in /var/www/html/wiki
You must be a SysOp to edit the Wikimecum namespace.
To reduce clutter in the “Main” namespace, all project-specific redirects have now been deleted. You may have to fix a few links within your own project pages by adding “Venipedia:” at the start of each broken link address. This shouldn’t affect too many people or links.

When creating new project pages or uploading files, please be descriptive (include year and team), and be sure to include the “Venipedia:” prefix (for pages only, not files). Keep in mind that you are the first of many who will use this site, and when we have 30 or 40 variations on “Assignment 1” without any way of differentiating them, nobody will be happy.

Please try to use to access the page, use the “Venipedia:” namespace for pages, etc. “Venice Wikibook” is now deprecated, although the URL still works (for the time being). The Google map in the Wikimecum is a bit finicky about URLs, so by being consistent with “Venipedia” it will help avoid problems.


To edit the Wikimecum navbox template, go to and "edit page."


To create a link with different displayed text, do like this: [[Actual page title|Desired displayed page title]]


To get bold text, use '''bolded text'''
Italics: ''italicized text''
Underlined: <u>underlined text</u>
General editing and formatting instructions/tips can be found here:


To create a page, type its name into the Search box and hit "Enter." MediaWiki will tell you the page doesn't exist, and will present the option of creating it.


File types

1. Navigate to /var/www/html/wiki
2. Open LocalSettings.php
3. Find the following line:
$wgFileExtensions = array_merge( $wgFileExtensions, array( 'pdf', 'ppt', 'zip', 'pptx', 'doc', 'docx', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'zip',) );
4. Add new file types as you please. DO NOT add "HTML" or "HTM"; they will not work (for security reasons).
5. Save, chmod the file to 755.

One source of file-upload size limits may be PHP. I have found the following instructions:
Edit /etc/php.ini as follows:

  • post_max_size = 16M
  • upload_max_filesize = 16M

Or whatever you want the max size to be.

LocalSettings.php, in the above directory, is where most major one-time configuration changes are made. A few administrative features can be accessed in the list of "Special Pages."

Namespace management

This is a multi-step process, but is relatively straightforware.
1. Define your new namespace(s). Find this line:
$wgExtraNamespaces = array(100 => "Wikimecum", 101 => "Wikimecum_talk", 102 => "Postmortem", 103 => "Postmortem_talk", 104 => "WikedVenice", 105 => "WikedVenice_talk");
Follow the pattern to add a new namespace and an associated "talk" namespace. Make sure to assign them a new number in sequence.
2. Follow the pattern in these lines…
define("NS_POSTMORTEM", 102);
define("NS_POSTMORTEM_TALK", 103);
define("NS_WIKEDVENICE", 104);
define("NS_WIKEDVENICE_TALK", 105);

…to associate an "NS_XXXXX" name with the numbers you assigned in step 1.
3. Find the $wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault array and add, at the end, lines as follows:

This tells MediaWiki where to search by default. Set true or false as you please.


To insert Google Docs:

1. Ensure your Google spreadsheet is “published.”
2. Make a motion chart gadget.
3. Use the top-right menu in the gadget to select “Publish Gadget…”
4. Copy the HTML block it gives you.
5. Go to
6. Paste the code block into the large “HTML:” field.
7. Enter this key into the “Key:” field: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (secret – contact Kyle Miller or Fabio Carrera)
8. Leave “Key Name” field blank and click “Submit Query”.
9. Wait a few seconds. A new page will load.
10. Copy the code it gives you into your destination wiki page.

When creating any project-related page, prefix its title with Project: (including the colon). For example, if you wanted to create a page called “B08 IQP – Canals and Boats,” you would actually specify its name as “Project:B08 IQP – Canals and Boats”. This puts the page in the Venice WikiBook “namespace,” keeping it separate from the regular informational pages that exist already. I have renamed all of the existing project pages, so you will need to update all your links by adding “Project:” to them. There aren’t a lot of project pages yet, so this shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Please do not cause a proliferation of pages. Instead of creating a dozen pages with less than a paragraph of text on each of them, use section headings and the automatically-created table of contents to help organize your team’s information on as few pages as possible. If you absolutely have to create pages like “Group Resources,” give it a name that uniquely ties it to your team (e.g., “B08 Canals and Boats – Group Resources”. Try to be consistent – it will pay off in the end. As time goes on, you may need to create more and more pages, and that’s fine. Please just try to keep it manageable.

Please do not cause a proliferation of accounts, either. You should each have an individual account, and that should be adequate (no team accounts). On a similar note: use your “User” page for personal biographical information. Each account has a User page automatically created and tied to it. Access your User page by clicking on your username anywhere on the site (or by going to Fill it out with a photo, information, etc. and link to these User pages from your team’s main page.

Please use the “Preview” button. When making edits to a page, preview your changes until you are happy with the results. Then click “save page” to commit your changes to the database. This makes it easier to see what is going on in the “Recent changes” list.

To promote a user to SysOp, first determine their username from this list:
Then use this page to promote them to "SysOps" and "Bureaucrats":

User permissions

Go to, enter a username, and move the user to the appropriate groups.

Namespace editing restrictions

These four lines of code, inserted into LocalSettings.php, will restrict the "Wikimecum" namespace from editing by anybody but SysOps:

$wgNamespaceProtection[NS_WIKIMECUM] = Array("editwikimecum");
$wgNamespacesWithSubpages[WIKIMECUM] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['*']['editwikimecum'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['editwikimecum'] = true;

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License